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Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding in Charlottesville

Wakefield Kennel is a unique boarding facility that provides both an indoor and an outdoor boarding experience. With many walking trails and large grass exercise yards in our vast country acreage, your dog will have an opportunity to enjoy themselves outdoors as well as retreating indoors to the comforts of their own individual temperature controlled space. At Wakefield we provide a clean, fresh air facility in an inviting private country setting.


Each individual lodging area provides an indoor space where your dog’s food, water and bed are located, as well as an outdoor socialization and elimination area. All of our lodging areas undergo extensive cleaning and sanitizing daily using pet safe cleaning solutions to ensure your dog is kept in a clean environment. Our kennels are available in various sizes to ensure the most comfortable boarding experience possible for your dog. If you have multiple dogs in your family, you may request to have them board together as long as they meet our size restrictions for doing so. If your dogs cannot board together or you would prefer for them to board separately, you may request to board them side-by-side when space is available. We will make every effort to accommodate these requests when available.  

Lodging discounts:

When boarding 2 dogs in the same kennel together, the second dog will receive 25% off of their daily boarding rate. If your dogs meet the requirements to board 3 in the same kennel together, the second dog will receive 25% off and the third will receive 50% off of their daily boarding rate (very few will meet this requirement).


  • Play Time
  • Walks
  • Nature Hikes

Does your dog love to run and play? Play time is a wonderful outdoor exercise activity to give your dog the opportunity to run and play off leash. If a leashed activity is more enjoyable for your dog, have them take a leisurely one on one walk with one of our highly trained staff members. Is your dog high energy or do they enjoy a challenge? Have them go for a nature hike along our wooded trails up and down hills where they can get more of a "work out" with one of our highly trained staff members.

Visit our Exercise Activities page for more information.


  • Cotton Sheet
  • Fleece Blanket
  • Deluxe Bed (Plush bed)

We have two comfortable bedding options available for rental, which are fleece blankets, and a thicker plush bed that we refer to as the “deluxe bed” option. If you choose not to rent a bed, cotton bed sheets are available for your dog to sleep on at no additional charge, varying in size from queen to king. You may bring a bed from home for your dog to sleep on provided it is a blanket or something similar. Our daily cleaning routine includes sanitizing bedding. Pillow beds and foam filled beds are not permitted as they do not fit in our standard size washing machine, and can be difficult to clean.


We recommend bringing your dog’s food from home to avoid any upset tummies due to a sudden change of diet. We will gladly serve any food that you bring at no additional charge. Any guests that choose to not bring food from home will be served our house diet, which is Diamond kibble in a chicken and rice formula. Evangers canned food is also available for your dog upon request. 


Please check with your veterinary clinic before making an online or phone reservation to ensure that all vaccinations have been administered, and that nothing is expired or will be expiring before or during your dog’s stay with us. To ensure the health and safety of all of our guests, all vaccines must by administered at least 5 – 7 days prior to arrival; no exceptions.

The following vaccinations all must be current to board at Wakefield Kennel:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo

  • Bordetella (canine cough)

Still have a question?  Visit our FAQs page.

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Take a Tour

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Dog Boarding Rates

Single OccupancyDouble Occupancy
$28.00 $49.00
Any size breed Size restrictions may apply - please call
*Discounts are available for boarding multiple dogs together. Please visit the FAQs page for details.  

Exercise Activities

ActivityRate Per Session
Play Time $5.00
Walk $7.00
Nature Hike $10.00
Senior Care Service $10.00 (daily)

*For more information about each activity, please visit our Activities page.

Rental Bedding

Bedding TypeRate
Cotton Sheet (Included in the daily boarding fee)
Fleece Blanket $1.00 daily
Deluxe (Plush Bedding) $1.50 daily

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