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Exercise Activities

Play Time

Dog Boarding Play TimeDoes your dog love to run and play? Play time is a wonderful outdoor exercise activity to give your dog(s) the opportunity to run and play off leash. Sessions may include but are not limited to running, jumping, playing fetch, petting, and cuddling. Each session is approximately 15 - 20 minutes and is administered during the morning hours of the day.  Play Time activity is included daily for each of our guests, weather permitting.

Evening Stroll / Yard Time

Dog WalksHave your dog take a leisurely one on one stroll with one of our highly trained staff members over level terrain on our private acreage of grassy fields, or if they are a little more rambunctious we can offer time in our play yards off leash as a substitute.  This service will provide your dog with time to get some exercise later in the day, and is a designated time for elimination before bedtime.  This service is included daily for each of our guests, weather permitting.

Nature Walks

Dog Nature HikesDoes a leisurely midday stroll sound like something your pet(s) would enjoy? Have them go for a walk along our wooded trails up and down hills where they can get more of a "work out" with one of our highly trained staff members. Your pet will see wildlife along the way and will experience the best Wakefield has to offer when it comes to exercise on a leash. Each walk is $10.00 and your pet can have 1 walk per day in addition to the included morning play time and evening stroll/yard time. This service is administered usually between the hours of 10:00am and 2:00pm in between the included morning and evening activity.  Your dog must be cooperative on leash for this service.

Senior Care Package

Senior Dog ServiceFor those dogs that have reached the elderly years of their lives, Wakefield offers a special one on one service to keep your older dog(s) happy while boarding. Wakefield does not encourage boarding for extremely elderly dogs and owners must have prior veterinary consent before their dog(s) can board at our facility. It is difficult to place an age that one would consider to be too old to board due to differences in life spans from breed to breed.  We feel that each owner will know the status of their dog’s health and with consent of a veterinarian those pets can board with us successfully and happily. When your dog is signed up for the senior dog package, they will receive (5) daily one on one sessions with one of our highly trained staff members. Each session consists of a short leash walk to get up on their feet and out for a stretch of their legs and a potty break.  Also included in the package is a premium bed for daily use and special treat time mid day.  The senior dog package is a daily fee of $10.00 and is a service offered for qualified dogs only. If you are not sure if your dog will qualify for this service Wakefield will determine that after assessing your pet’s abilities and needs. If you’re pet demonstrates that they are not able to get up on their feet on their own, this service will become mandatory for that reservation.

Please note: Any dogs signed up for nature walks must be cooperative on leash. Wakefield reserves the right to stop administering those activities if your dog(s) are deemed to be too difficult to walk or pull excessively. In most cases Wakefield will switch these dogs over to play time activity in lieu of the walks.